How to invite business

How to invite business to build a large network. The invitation is a bridge between telephone conversation and your future.

Invitation-this is a serious job as a capricious woman, does not like to wait. But many distributors, signing contracts, does not invite and wait for them to come and asked: “Sign us.” I know a lot of reasons why this happens, but there are major called: laziness, fear, false modesty. His passivity you destroy their future.
Life pays only the action and result!

What is the invitation?
The invitation is a bridge between telephone conversation and your future. This is something. that generates your talent and skill, because then it’s easier to build a large network. The main way of inviting in MLM is an invitation by phone that lasts a few minutes on a standard scheme with maximum motivation and minimal information.
Phone-not for presentations and for summary where the main thing-to arrange a meeting.

Invitation by phone
Standard phone invitations will look like this:
1. Salutation (be sure to name someone by name call).
2. Introduce yourself.
3. Activate conversation provided questions: “is there a couple minutes?”, “How are you?”.
4. At the invitation of great importance is the quality of the questions. They say: “don’t ask stupid questions-don’t get stupid answers. Therefore, during the interview, try to identify potential problem and selectively to ask a question. For example: “how children’s health (parent)?”, “have you found a job?”. “Do you want to learn how to earn more than you have today?”, “you already realized his dream-bought ticket to Hawaii?”, “If you want, I’ll show you how to earn money for the implementation of dream?”.
5. Citing a lack of time for “reason.” delicately turn the conversation toward the invitation to the meeting on the issue. (And if there are no problems, invent, because it is a creative process).
6. Fix a date, time, place of the meeting on the principle of “choice without choice”: “you conveniently tomorrow or day after tomorrow 15.00 to 18.00?”.

If your buddy wants to ask the question, “what is it?”, it is necessary to refer to the seriousness of the theme and still make an appointment using the expression: “it’s a great opportunity for you …”, “it gives you …”, “you do love me…”. Suppress the desire to tell all. At the end of the conversation once again remind about the date, time and place of the meeting.

When the meeting invitation and most importantly smile! Because the smile is the soul Kiss, showcasing your respect for the future partner, the Foundation of the pleasure of conversation. And if you do not know how to smile-learn!

For example, ask the gloomy during the 3-minute hold serious facial expression, and in response, send him my most charming smile. Usually more than 3 seconds no one survives. It turns out, very hard not to smile when you smile …

Be a professional
That it is important to understand, inviting people into our business?
1. Successful invitations only to someone who is ready to be failures.
2. We invite seekers of people.
3. We should not be afraid to try to own statistics of failures because failures bring you those who accept and subscribe. (And in that sense, I really like the plate 10 x 10, where “-” is it bounces, and “+” it contracts).
4. One must learn to listen and hear others, to act as a researcher desires, skillfully conveying the benefits of business and motivating its human purpose. And the most important advantage of anything really worth working for a company, it is residual income! But the invitation is the source of your future residual income, therefore, must not only understand the value of invitations, but don’t get tired of doing it competently.

Who do you need?
Tell them to work successfully, you need superseteviki, superrukovoditeli, Chief, etc. d.? No! You need ordinary people, but with a great dream! And to do that with them you just need to talk about their lives, about the future, and not thinking about their possible income. In this regard, the words of the famous artist as well. Mironov: “an ordinary person to communicate using several stamps. Master of communication-uses several dozen dies. And hundreds of genius! Be geniuses! ”

Interpreting this message as it relates to MLM, one can say that the Distributor is a normal man, who invited several people in MLM. The leader is the master, who invited dozens of people. A professional is a genius who personally invited hundreds of people to his team. Want to be professionals!

And if you’re constantly practicing in the invitation at least 3 people in a day, the result will be forthcoming: 3 x 30 = 90 per month. By law, Pareto 20 x 80 from 90-100 people come to meet 20%, t. (e). 4 person subscribes and will work 20%, t. (e). 1 people. And if it will be copied into the depth-1 person per month signs up everyone who will come to you, then a year later in your team will be 4049 people! Is it a lot or a little? This is a 3 day invitations for 3 minutes. And it will take you only 10 minutes a day!

In the business of inviting all and work with those who have the strength to go forward, to dream. And if you live with love in your heart and faith-“I have a goal, I all I can!”-then invite business will be easy. And if you’re not dreaming, you will not believe in themselves, will not invite … your business may be extinguished, as candles. But … Where hearts are lit? At events where motivates energy many people!

Millions already admire the idea of network business, which gives everyone a chance to become great. And there is really only one thing, which is stronger than all the armies of the world, this is the idea behind MLM whose time has come!

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